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Training Institute

As a successful organization, you will recognize that your most important asset is your people! Training is recognized as a key element by highly effective organizations wishing to maintain competitive advantage and improve their business performance. Development of training programs for your own staff and delivery of the same could turn out to be extremely costly for most in-house organizations and produces the results of that done by a professional training organization.

International Register Training Institute (IRTI) is a division of the well-known classification society International Register of Shipping (IRS). IRS has vast experience in training their international network of surveyors for compliance to our quality system as well as various IMO or Flag State requirements.

As an organization committed to promoting safety and quality in shipping, we have decided to make our available resources to the whole maritime industry through IRTI. Whether it is our standard courses or tailor-made courses, all are developed to meet the specific requirements of your organization; we are sure that IRTI is your choice for ensuring quality and cost effectiveness. Each of the courses is developed under a quality system complying with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We will soon be offering these courses through the internet. 

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