Industrial Verification Services

Infrastructure and Resources acquired by International Register of Shipping (INTLREG) towards providing its main activity – Marine Classification Services, enable INTLREG to provide various Industrial Verification Services requiring similar expertise and infrastructure. Our quality system and code of ethics, which govern our principles of operation, make it possible for us to provide unbiased and independent third party verification of conformance of products, services or management systems based on pre-established criteria.

Examples of such criteria are the following:
· National / International standards
· Code of best practices
· Mandatory regulations
· Industry guidelines
· Contract specifications

Scope of verification may consist of the following depending on the agreed criteria:
· Appraisal of plans and documents
· Stage Inspections during manufacture
· Inspection and testing of components or finished products
· Laboratory testing at approved facilities
· Auditing of the management systems

Following are just a few examples of such services:
· Inspection of industrial diesel engines, generators, pumps, etc.
· Inspection of boilers and pressure vessels
· Site inspection for construction projects
· Pre-shipping inspections
· Approval of welding electrodes
· Qualification of welders and welding procedures
· Inspection of ferrous and non ferrous castings, forgings and fabricated components
· Inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials (e.g. Steel plates, sections etc.)

Availability of highly competent surveyors in over 100 countries makes it possible for INTLREG to provide these services around the world at extremely competitive costs to our customers. When you are planning to make your next major capital investment or procurement, think of INTLREG. We can assure that our charges will be only a fraction of the value added to the product.

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