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Marine services that either look for services or solutions due to the unplanned and mismanaged field operations need to acquire an authorized approval from the service providers to learn from the past and remain proactive for the future.

IRS has been delivering its high-class services worldwide to the marine sector for over 25 years with the intention of providing excellent risk management. Marine operations have to go through a series of strict verifications, certifications, and approval from the official authorities, while all the while maintaining general operation activities and profitability. It becomes mandatory to manage a system that holds a precise data of the onboard errors, technical and mechanical, to remain aware of the stable/unstable progress.

IRS allows the vessel owners to remain well-informed about their current fleet status by analyzing the data-driven records. We help your business manage a system for the marine services that makes it possible to eliminate the chances of errors in the future.

Whether it is the safety of the environment, manpower, and the vessel or assurance of the quality via certifications and approvals, IRS assists in managing it all in simpler and more convenient manner.

We inspect the operational areas, technical areas as well as the safety aspects to establish a globally confident position.