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For 30 years International Register of Shipping (INTLREG) has been one of the world’s leading maritime classification societies. When it comes to finding the right partner with the right credentials, then INTLREG is your choice.

We have global presence, knowledge and experience to support ship owners, operators, shipyards, dry docks, consultants, and governments looking for a dependable partner with a comprehensive network.

A leading classification society

As an independent Classification Society, INTLREG has the knowledge and the right expertise. Our global network of naval architects, marine engineers, surveyors and auditors are ready to step in and support our customers. We are always there to help you remain efficient, operational, and compliant.

Oil and Gas Offshore Operations

  1. Being the Client Representative in assessment and quality control of chartered fleet. This service includes documents verifications, inspections on behalf of client based on checklists without issuance of any certification; only issuing relevant reports as per client requirements.
  2. Tailored Inspection Plans: Each vessel is unique, and its inspection plan should be tailored accordingly. By understanding the specific needs and operations of oil and gas operators, INTLREG can design customized plans that address the inherent risks associated with transporting these valuable resources.
  3. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Working with oil and gas operators, INTLREG assess the risks involved in transporting different types of cargo. They then collaborate to develop robust risk mitigation strategies, ensuring that vessels are well-equipped to handle potential emergencies.
  • Compliance with International Standards: The maritime industry is governed by various international conventions and regulations. INTLREG ensures that vessels chartered by oil and gas operators meet these standards, promoting global adherence to safety and environmental norms.
  • Continuous Improvement with adoption of technology: Collaborating with oil and gas operators enables INTLREG to gain valuable insights into the industry’s evolving needs. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement, where inspection practices are updated to address emerging challenges and technological advancements.
  • Emergency Preparedness: In the event of an emergency, preparedness is crucial. By working closely with oil and gas operators, INTLREG ensures that vessels are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and crew members are well-trained to handle crisis situations.
  • Third party inspections
  • Contribution to industry with relevant customized training

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