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Contact Directory

  • To request classification or statutory certification services or to coordinate a survey please contact the Survey Management Department: services@intlreg.org
  • To check the survey status of your vessels, please contact the Records and Statistics Department: statistics@intlreg.org
  • To check the status of the full term certificates contact the Certification-control department: certification-control@intlreg.org
  • To register a complaint about the services provided by us please contact our Quality Assurance Department: quality-assurance@intlreg.org
  • For an enquiry about other services provided by us write to our service enquiry e-mail address: services@intlreg.org
  • To inquire about job opportunities write to: human-resources@intlreg.org
  • If you are interested in representing us in your area, please write to human-resources@intlreg.org

Request Classification Services

For requesting the classification services from IRS, please contact our survey management department services@intlreg.org. Please write to services@intlreg.org for other services offered by International Register.