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2016 Amendments to the Code of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

2016 Amendments to the Code of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

The 2016 amendments to the code of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 enter into force today. ILO has prepared amendments to the MLC 2006 with regards to:

Regulation 4.3 – Health and safety protection and accident prevention
The intention is to eliminate shipboard harassment and bullying by including relevant provisions in the Code of the MLC 2006.

Regulation 5.1 – Flag State responsibilities
The amendment will now allow an extension of not more than five months of the validity of the Maritime Labour Certificate issued for ships. This will apply in cases where the renewal inspection has been successfully completed, but a new certificate cannot immediately be issued to the ship e.g. Where the flag Administration issues the full term certificate. The amendments were approved by the 105th ILO Conference (7 June 2016, Geneva). The final entry into force date is pending.

Ship-owners and Ship Managers are advised to review their management systems to ensure they include procedures for the elimination of harassment and bullying on board their ship.

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