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Maritime Transport Policy Training

Maritime Transport Policy Training

A newly revised and updated IMO training programme is now available to assist developing countries in formulating and adopting their National Maritime Transport Policies (NMTPs).

The training programme, developed for maritime transport policy capacity-building activities, is delivered in a workshop or a seminar format for a targeted audience. It covers key topics on policy rationale, policy formulation and formulation of maritime transport policy, international maritime instruments, and the economic, safety, security, human element and environmental dimension of maritime transport policy formulation. The programme embraces a universal approach to meet IMO’s capacity-building and technical assistance requirements.

The aims is to provide a standard of knowledge and skills to participants, as well as to ensure proper understanding of States’ obligations when formulating their maritime transport policy and legislation based on international maritime conventions and codes.

The programme’s content combines material originally prepared in 2015 and the experience gained from the delivery of such activities in various countries ever since. It was developed by IMO with the assistance of consultants and in collaboration with the World Maritime University (WMU). The material is available in English, French and Spanish.

IMO Member States can benefit from the capacity-building training programme on request to the Director, Technical Cooperation Division at Interested Member States should note that, prior to benefiting from the programme, countries are required to establish an NMTP Task Force whose role is to promote cross-sectoral participation and facilitate communication at all levels with the ultimate goal of formulating and adopting an NMTP.

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