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INTLREG presents its value added solutions

INTLREG presents its value added solutions

Since 1993, International Register of Shipping (INTLREG) has been one of the world’s leading classification societies. When you need support, INTLREG should be your first port of call.

As an independent Classification Society, INTLREG has the knowledge and the right expertise. Our global network of naval architects, marine engineers, surveyors and auditors are ready to step in and support our customers. We are always there to help you remain efficient, operational, and compliant.

Value added solutions

The original value that INTLREG adds to customers as Classification Society lays in a heart of a ship’ compliance with class rules created by INTLREG. At the same time, on behalf of the shipowner, ship operator or a ship management company INTLREG certifies ships ‘compliance with various rules as regards to type, construction, equipment, maintenance, and surveys.

The vessel owners, designers, engineering consultants and builders (shipyards, repair yards) can also choose to engage INTLREG to provide some advice on features that they are considering. Once the design is approved, INTLREG audits the building process while protecting his client’s interests and making sure that everything is followed agreed and approved design criteria.

Due to the technical knowledge and experience among its surveyors, INTLREG naturally is able to undertake a role of Recognized Organization (RO) representing 38 flag Administrations. INTLREG’s wide global network along with in-house expertise enables us to always provide an efficient and technically reliable service.