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Special Surveys with INTLREG

Special Surveys with INTLREG

A special survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection of a ship that is conducted at regular intervals to assess its overall condition, seaworthiness, and compliance with international regulations and classification society rules. Special surveys are essential for maintaining the safety and operational efficiency of the vessel throughout its service life.

Key aspects of a special survey performed by INTLREG include:

  1. Inspection Scope: Special surveys cover a wide range of components and systems on the ship. This includes the hull, cargo holds, machinery, electrical systems, safety equipment, and navigation equipment, among others.
  2. Interval: Special surveys are typically carried out at specific intervals, often every five years, depending on the age and type of the vessel. These intervals are prescribed by classification societies and international regulations.
  3. Dry Docking: Special surveys often require the ship to undergo dry-docking, where it is taken out of the water to enable a thorough examination of the submerged hull and other underwater components.
  4. Certification: Upon successful completion of the special survey, the vessel is issued with a new certificate of class or extended validity of the existing certificate. This ensures the ship’s continued compliance with safety and environmental standards.
  5. Repair and Maintenance: Special surveys may identify areas that require repair or maintenance to ensure the vessel’s continued seaworthiness. Any necessary repairs must be completed before the certificate of class is renewed.

The special survey is an essential aspect of the life cycle of a ship, as it ensures that the vessel remains safe and seaworthy throughout its service. By adhering to the requirements of the special survey, shipowners can demonstrate their commitment to safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance. It also helps extend the operational life of the vessel and contributes to the sustainable and efficient operation of the global maritime industry.

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