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Administration Manager or Office Manager

Administration Manager or Office Manager

Job Description



Position Summary:


The Adminstration Manager performs a variety of administrative,  including HR matters and invoicing duties to support the financial health and growth of the Company. The candidate should coordinate monthly financial functions, maintain accounts payable and receivable, review and prepare reports on business income and expenses. This is a full time position with both bookkeeping and administrative responsibilities. This position reports to the Managing Director.

行政经理履行各种行政职责,包括人力资源事务和发票职责,以支持公司的财务健康和发展。 候选人应协调每月的财务职能,维护应付账款和应收账款,审查并准备业务收入和支出报告。 这是一个全职职位,兼具簿记和行政职责。 该职位向总经理汇报。

Essential Functions:


Survey Activities Responsibilities


  • Coordination of surveys, requests, and activities


  • Liaise with clients for survey schedules and requirements


  • Ensure that quotations to clients in a timely fashion follow up on their approval


  • Ensure resources and oversee survey execution.


Maintain financial recordkeeping for the organization


  • Invoicing for accounts receivable


  • Reconciliation of monthly bank statements


  • Ensure proper paper/digital documentation is submitted and recorded for all expenses.


  • Provide supporting documentation for all monthly expenditures.


  • Review  bills with the Managing Director.


  • Document transaction details and enter financial transactions. Notify the Managing Director of accounting discrepancies.

记录交易详细信息并输入财务交易。 通知总经理会计差异。

  • Maintain financial recordkeeping systems, both physical and electronic.


  • Review financials for accuracy and budget alignment. Provide input to the Managing Director and Accountant regarding monthly financials.

检查财务数据的准确性和预算的一致性。 向董事总经理和会计师提供有关每月财务状况的意见。

HR Responsibilities

  • Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining employee database and handling emails for the HR department
  • Maintain proper records of employee attendance and leaves
  • Support Managing Director in policy formulation, hiring and salary administration
  • Submit online job postings, shortlist candidates and schedule job interviews
  • Coordinate orientation and training sessions for new employees
  • Ensure smooth communication with employees and timely resolution to their queries
  • Manage personnel files and issue HR reports as requested by Managing Director


● 履行行政职责,例如维护员工数据库和为人力资源部门处理电子邮件

● 保存员工出勤和休假的正确记录

● 支持董事总经理制定政策、招聘和薪酬管理

● 提交在线招聘信息、筛选候选人并安排面试

● 协调新员工的入职培训和培训课程

● 确保与员工沟通顺畅并及时解决他们的疑问

● 按照总经理的要求管理人事档案并出具人力资源报告

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Coordinate replenishing of office supplies inventory.
  • Update and maintain office policies and procedures.


● 协调补充办公用品库存。

● 更新和维护办公室政策和程序。

Desired Qualifications

The candidate should have experience as an administrative and bookkeeping assistant or an associate’s degree in accounting or business administration. Working knowledge of bookkeeping and basic accounting principles. Preference will be given to candidates with a experience with accounting software. Nonprofit experience preferred, but not required. In addition: Strong English oral and written communication skills is required for the position, ability to communicate with sensitivity and work with diverse populations, strong organization skills, detail oriented, ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines, ability to work independently, as well as to cooperate as a team player, effectively use a variety of technology tools including various Quickbooks software and internet tools.


候选人应具有行政和簿记助理的经验或会计或工商管理副学士学位。 簿记工作知识和基本会计原则。 具有会计软件使用经验的候选人将受到优先考虑。 非营利组织经验优先,但不是必需的。 此外:该职位需要较强的英语口头和书面沟通能力,能够敏感地沟通并与不同人群合作,较强的组织能力,注重细节,能够处理多项任务并按时完成任务,独立工作的能力,以及 作为团队合作者,有效地使用各种技术工具,包括各种Quickbooks软件和互联网工具。

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