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Panama Requirements for Vessels Calling at Paris MOU ports (106-26-DGMM)

Resolution 106-26-DGMM issued by the Panama Maritime Authority makes it mandatory for all Panamanian vessels over 20 years old to undergo an occasional survey by the recognized organization prior to entering Paris MOU ports. Such occasional surveys will be valid for a period for 6 months.

Any ship which is detained in a Paris MOU port without undergoing such occasional survey could be subject to cancellation from the Panamanian registry. If a ship gets detained after such occasional survey might result in suspension of the recognized organization by the Panama Maritime Authority. Scope of such occasional survey will include all mandatory aspects applicable for Panamanian vessels and is not restricted to aspects related to certificates issued by IRS.

In addition to the above Panamanian vessels detained twice in the Paris MOU region during a period of six months may be subject to cancellation by the registry. Resolution also require the registry to investigate past history of the incoming vessels before permitting provisional registration.

International Register of Shipping (IRS) views this resolution very seriously. All owners/ managers of Panamanian vessels older than 20 years and certified by IRS are requested to take this as a notification that their vessels shall not proceed to Paris MOU ports, without obtaining written clearance, after completion of the occasional survey as prescribed by the Panamanian Maritime Authority, by a surveyor nominated by the technical head office of the society.

A copy of the English translation of the resolution can be obtained by clicking here

A copy of the official Spanish version of the resolution can obtained by clicking here.