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E-Ships Implementation

E-Ships Implementation

The International Register of Shipping (IRS) is nearly complete with phase 1 of its new management software Intreg e-Ships. Phase 1 consists of world-wide familiarity training for IRS surveyors and staff.

The Intlreg e-Ships application is a Web/Desktop based interface that contains all related information about Vessels, Ship Owners, Certificates, Surveyors, Managers, Agents, and Quotations/ survey instructions/ survey reporting. Some of the key features are listed, but not limited to the following: 

·      Web based survey execution reporting process for IRS from quotation till issuance of final document with real-time status showing progress of work.

·      Managing information of all vessels and their particulars, ship owners/managers, surveyors and agents.

·      Login access for Customers, Ship Owners, Flag States and Port State Control.

·      Ability to interact with other Enterprise Recourse Planning software through web service.

·      Managing data of all ship owners/managers and their respective vessels.

A project 5 years in the making which enmeshed majority of the marine division, management and other key stake holders will greatly enhance the ability of IRS to deliver its services quickly and effectively. It also provides the clients of IRS with the much-needed ability to easily manage the services provided to them.

Lead by the Head of Classification and Marine Division, Jayachandran Karumathil, IRS management was tasked with upgrading its current system by identifying solutions that could unify all information and processes that relate to its maritime division.  The project also required the elimination of redundancies and the optimization of processes such as reporting, data collection and quality control. Management quickly realized that this would not be an easy task to complete.

Implementation of Intlreg Eships will be a key milestone in the progress of   International Register of Shipping as a leading classification society in the world providing services that meet or exceed their customer expectations.  Once fully implemented Intlreg Eships will be IRS’s backbone for integrated management of its services and processes. The program will help to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity for delivering faster service to their customers.