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Welder Qualification Test in East Africa

Welder Qualification Test in East Africa

A welder undergoing a welder qualification test in overhead position for an up-coming new building project in East Africa which is to be built under the classification rules of the International Register of Shipping. Welders must be qualified/certified in accordance with the procedures and regulations of IRS. In attendance is principal surveyor, Cyril Phillip, from IRS survey station in Kochi, India.

For all fabrication work performed under IRS certification, whether it is shipbuilding, repair or other engineering work, the welding procedure shall be qualified and each welder performing the work shall be qualified for the specific position the welding is supposed to be done. This is part of the manufacturing quality assurance process to ensure that the products under IRS certification maintain high standards of quality and reliability.

This project is for the new construction of the ferry SIGULU in Jinja, Uganda. The ferry belongs to the Uganda Authority and aims to improve transportation facility between islands in Lake Victoria and the Uganda main land. The ferry is designed to have a capacity of around 300 Pax and to carry 200 tonnes of deck cargo.

Established in 1003, the International Register of Shipping (IRS) is a classification society recognized by 25 governments and works with the objective of safeguarding life, property and the environment. It ensures the viability of its clients by providing classification, certification, verification, training, advisory and other risk management services.