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New Designation of Senior Surveyor in Qingdao

New Designation of Senior Surveyor in Qingdao

The International Register of Shipping (IRS) has designated Mr. Yanli Tang as a Senior Surveyor, MLC Inspector, and Lead Auditor in Qingdao, China. This valued addition in Qingdao, provides the survey station with greater capacity to handle the current workload including the increase of certification of marine equipment and component for new-buildings under IRS supervision.

As of 2016, the port of Qingdao was the 8th in the world in terms of transportation of containers. As a major seaport, naval base, industrial center and an important trading port in its province, Qingdao flourishes with foreign investment and international trade. It is only natural for IRS to continue to increase the staff in the Qingdao survey station.

Mr. Tang graduated from the Dalian Marine University and sailed with COSCO Shipping Lines for 15 years.  Working his way up the ranks to Chief Engineer, he gained a solid foundation of practical knowledge and know-how in his field. For the past 12 years Mr. Tang has received extensive training and experience as a class surveyor, P&I Inspector and a Flag Inspector.

As an independent organization, IRS acts with impartiality and objectivity as a self-regulating agency to the international marine industry. As a provider of classification, certification, verification, training, advisory and other risk management services, IRS understands the importance of maintaining a high standard for the professionals in their network.  IRS currently boasts a network of 90 survey stations and 18 regional offices located across the globe. This appointment furthers their global footprint and provides their clients with a network of surveyors on a local and global scale.