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Condition assessment scheme survey

Condition assessment scheme survey

Do you require documentation and further proof that your tanker or bulker is in good shape for the ship’s operating performance and demands, regardless of its age?

The INTLREG condition assessment Scheme (CAS) is widely established in the tanker business and increases risk assessment in the bulker sector. CAS is a voluntary, detailed verification of the vessel’s condition at the time of inspection. The major goal is to document the quality of ageing vessels so that they may be judged based on their present state rather than their age. CAS is a consultation service that is provided by INTLREG that is independent of class while also complementing it.

CAS is made up of the following optional modules:

CAS Hull

CAS Machinery and Cargo Systems (CAP MC)

Deliveries include a CAS Declaration with an overall rating of the vessel as well as technical papers with descriptions, observations, analyses, ratings, and images showing typical condition as well as flaws and repairs. Insurance firms, cargo terminals, charterers, and ship owners rely on CAS findings.

Our condition assessment scheme has a solid reputation in the industry:

  • Gain trust in our assistance because INTLREG is a top CAS supplier with considerable expertise in assessing oil majors’ needs.
  • Our certified CAS surveyors are accessible in a variety of locations globally, so you can get help wherever you need it.
  • Take advantage of dependable documentation of the condition of your ageing tanker or bulk carrier.