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Our unique international presence

Our unique international presence

Since 1993, INTLREG has achieved a global presence by strategically spreading over 7 continents. Our administrative office is located in Panama, where administration specialists work around the clock to remain operational and accommodating to the regulatory authorities.

We have unique service offerings compared to competitors because we provide comprehensive maritime services specifically administered to benefit vessel owners with low-cost advantages.

Our technical structure at Miami has teams of professionally qualified technical personnel, including but not limited to auditors, surveyors, expert mariners, marine engineers and technicians, and skilled naval architects.

Along with working in the other parts of the world with utmost dependability, transparency, and quality services, we have established a plan approval structure in India.

Other strategic goals and plans are beyond the aspirations of those who provide similar marine services.

Today, INTLREG is recognized by 35 flag administrations which are the testimonials of our signatory services.

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