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Damage Survey and Repair Management

Damage Survey and Repair Management

Severe damage to a ship’s structure, mechanical components, or systems endangers both the ship’s safety and commercial operations.

INTLREG has a strong team of technical specialists that can provide a quick and competent survey of the damage as well as assistance with interim and permanent repairs to minimize downtime.

The on-site surveyor will be backed by a team of seasoned professionals in many disciplines such as hull, machinery, cargo systems, and so on. They will utilize their experience and cutting-edge computation tools to provide you with appropriate technical advice on how to manage certain scenarios. INTLREG has a more than 14,000 vessels, providing us a broad and deep understanding of all ship types.

Our expertise and services for vessel damage and repair management include the following:

  • Support for hull structure damage and repair, propulsion and machinery systems, components, and rudder systems
  • Evaluation of remaining hull capacity following a grounding or collision
  • If applicable, advice on weather limitations for the journey to a repair yard.
  • Repair processes and drawings are guided and accepted.
  • If necessary, maintain close communication with all parties involved.
  • Propulsion plant alignment
  • Docking calculation in loaded situation, if applicable

Contact INTLREG for damage and repair management following an incident:

  • Reduce downtime by providing timely and cost-effective assistance in resuming operations on your ship.
  • On-site assistance is provided through our network of more than 100 survey stations staffed by highly qualified and empowered surveyors.
  • Regional high-level decision-making authority is derived from a network of regional chief surveyors.
  • Direct access to highly qualified technical professionals who will assist you throughout the whole procedure, from damage assessment to permanent repairs.